Bart&Baker Happy Hour Show on Jazz Radio Playlist Show#3

Bart&Baker Happy Hour Show on Jazz Radio Playlist Show#3

Bart&Baker vous propose un cocktail de swing, electro swing, club jazz et grande variété. Si vous voulez suggérer des nouveautés ou des coups de cœur , vous pouvez leur adresser un mail à l’adresse

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Bart&Baker – 18 décembre 2010 – Heure 1

SWR Big Band – Chattanooga Choo Choo –

Swagger Jax – Minnie the Moocher

The Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra – Mildred won’t you behave –

Swing Republic – Boogie Woogie Santa Claus –

Chubby Checker Dancin’ Party

Andrew Sisters – Rum & Coca Cola (Jojo Effect)

Harry Connick Jr – Do Re Mi –

Kenneth Bager – The sound of Swing part 2 –

Sammy Davis Jr – Singing in the rain

US3 – Tukka Roots Riddim

Esthero – Wicked little girls

7 samurai – Bluesanova –

Alfredo Rey et la Sua Orchestra – Tobacco

Nick Holder Vanesque –

Danny Wilson – Get Happy

Andrew Sisters vs Christina Aguilera Boogie Candyman (3FM edit)

Benny Goodman – Flat Floot Floogee

Bart&Baker – 18 décembre 2010 – Heure 2

SMos – Topsy

5 in Love – Girls just wanna have fun –

Bimbo and Lemar – Music –

Common feat Jill Scott – I am love –

Caravelli – Chanson des Jumelles –

Bart&Baker feat Slim Gaillard Communication (Swing Brother Swing remix) –

Henri Salvador Oh! Quand les Saints

TBF Cotton Club –

Minnie The Moocher feat Outkast – White Labe

South of Roosevelt featuring Brigitte Bardot– Everybody loves my baby –

Claude Mc Lin – Jambo –

Parov Stelar – The Snake –

Louis Amstrong – Jeepers Creepers (extended edit) –

Swing Republic feat Mildred Bailey – Ain t what you do –

New Mjondalen Disco Swinger Eurodans –

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Bart&Baker present Swing Party Track by Track – 6/10

This time it’s track 6 to 10 from ACT 1. Enjoy !!!

6. HENRI SALVADOR “Oh ! Quand Les Saints”

Henri Salvador (1917-2008) is a French singer born in 1917 who began his musical career as a guitarist accompanying other singers. He learned the guitar by imitating Django Reinhardt’s recordings, and would go on to work alongside him in the 1940s. Salvador recorded several songs written by Boris Vian with Quincy Jones as arranger. His song “Dans Mon Île” released in 1957 was used by Antonio Carlos Jobim to create what would become the bossa nova sound. He was one of the rare singers to be able to mix excellent vocal performances with a unique sense of humour. This French version of “When The Saints Go Marching In”, translated by the famous Jazzman and writer Boris Vian, is a very good example of his talent. He passed away in 2008.

7. LE CERCLE Feat. CHLOE DEL ORTE “The Beat Goes On”

is a drum ‘n bass cover of this iconic tune of the fifties covered by everybodyLe Cercle is a combo of 7 musicians based in Brittany. « The Beat Goes On » from Buddy Rich to Patricia Barber.

8. SKEEWIFF “Matador”

Skeewiff is the lovechild of producers Alex Rizzo & Elliot Ireland. Formed in the late 90’s they have had one of the biggest dance hit of the 90’s with Mucho Mambo. On the Matador track released in 2006 they’re sampling a track sung by Yma Sumac, icon of the « Exotica » sound. A great feelgood track.


This Scandinavian quartet led by the excellent musician Stefan Hansson proves if needed, that this part of Europe is a natural Haven for great jazz music. Taken from their “Oak Road Boogaloo” album, Talking Samba benefits from an excellent production and had a great influence on our musical choices… no need to say it’s one of our favourite tracks.

10. ANDRÉ POPP “Sous Son Chapeau Cloche”

André Popp, whose real name was André Charles Jean Popp, is a French composer, songwriter, arranger and conductor. Since the 1950s, he played his own works with his orchestra, accompanied French singers, and composed scores for movies and TV programs. He is also famous for his series “Les aventures de Piccolo Saxo” which explains instruments and classical music to children. « Sous Son Chapeau De Cloche » is taken from an EP released in 1958 named “Popp Charleston”. A classic tune that never fails to raise a smile.

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Bart & Baker launches an internet initiative to allow all known and unknown to declare their faith in the spirit of 'Swing'. Just send a photo, a short text which expresses the reasons for your commitment to the spirit 'swing' and a website (if you have one) to booking[@]

Smoky Joe Combo votes swing because :
"Deep rhythms captivate me. Hot rhythms stimulate me. Can't help but swing it boys ! Swing it ! brothers ! swing !"

Mitch Tornade vote swing parce que :
"Le swing ça t'emporte, ça te fait danser, ça te donne de l'énergie, ça te rend vivant!
J'aime quand ça swwwwwwwing!"

Incontrol Dj, Bebop Swing à Lyon vote swing parce que :
Je vote swing par patriotisme !!! Ca balance tellement que c'est toujours gauche - droite, gauche - droite, mais c'est tellement plus excitant ... et aussi parceque je suis amoureux de Billie Holiday ;-D

Blandine Devos vote swing parce que :
"Swing... depuis toujours! "

Melllie vote swing parce que :
"Swing me strong, swing me hard."

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